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All visitors must follow these simple rules so that everyone can have an enjoyable experience.


  • Adults MUST remain on the premises and supervise all children under their care at all times.

  • We cannot take responsibility for children at any time.

  • Shoes must not be worn in the play area and socks must be worn at all times.

  • We do not permit any food or drink in the play area at any time.

  • No outside food or drink to be brought into Treats N Play

  • All items belonging to Treats N Play must remain on the premises and are not to be removed at any time.

  • Any adult or child causing deliberate damage to any property of Treats N Play will be liable for the replacement cost.

  • All toys must remain in the play areas at all times and not brought out to the tables, this can cause a trip hazard to everyone on the premises

  • Any person not following the rules of play will be asked to leave immediately and a refund will not be authorised during such events.

  • Please report any sort of accident, however minor to our staff so we can maintain our high level of hygiene and safety standards.



All tickets are non refundable.

Treats N Play cannot accept liability for loss or damage to person property during play sessions.

We ask that any children that are unwell refrain from visiting Treats N Play for 48 hours.

Under no circumstance will we tolerate aggression or abusive language towards staff or visitors from children or adults. Should this occur you will be asked to leave and a refund will NOT be issued.

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